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Looking for a coach to help you reach your goals and manage your training?

I will help guide you along your endurance sports journey and get you to the finish line! 

I specialize in helping individuals that are new to endurance sports and will help you complete your first triathlon, marathon, Ironman or anything in between.

My coaching philosophy is summed up from a line stolen from the movie Jerry MaGuire.

"Less Clients, More Personal Attention"

This approach allows me to focus on the whole person and not just the athlete. Spending more time with each athlete to work on limiters and build upon strengths in order for the athlete to excel at training at racing. 

We will start your journey by working together to build a training plan that fits into your life in order to ensure balance between training, work, family and other obligations.


In addition to the necessary endurance workouts (swimming, biking, running), my holistic approach also includes strength work and recovery which are also vital components to endurance training.


My full-service coaching plans include unlimited communication via phone, text, email or Training Peaks, daily workout feedback, advice on nutrition, equipment, race planning and the mental aspects of training and racing.

Virtual or in-person (Chicago area) programs are available. 


Click the link below to schedule a free 30 minute coaching consultation to discuss your race and fitness goals!

2023 Team Races

2023 Maytag IRONMAN 70.3 Steelhead
North American Tri-Club Championship - Midwest
June 25th, 2023 

2023 IRONMAN Wisconsin
North American Tri-Club Championship 
Sept 10th, 2023 

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